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Cooperate entities & candidates succeed through our assistance

We are a job placement agency that assist organisations find the right job seekers, support their most valuable resource and grow.

The services we offer.

Starting with a integrated assessment of your digital marketing, creative and development  needs, we will recommend workable solutions that can tackle any challenge, implement
with speed and scale on demand.


With a pool of our specialised job seeker, for over 5 years we have been provided employer needs — ranging from urgent, remote freelance designers to full-time, part time and permanent employment

Integrated Solutions

Omega Group Holdings Pty Ltd solves your recruitment, digital and marketing demands so your business can excel. We gain an extensive understanding of your business goals and work with you to bring the strategy to life.

Omega Management

Omega Group Holdings Pty Ltd offers recruitment, digital marketing, creative development management services that convey range, efficiency and speed and expands internal team, capabilities, capacity and performance.

Manpower Services

Outstanding establiments know their mampower is more than just their employees. Take a comprehensive view by investing in your extended manpower of placement agency.

Forecast Management

Omega’s cloud-based software is specifically designed to give an in house agency leaders a way to direct marketing and creative people, process deliverables and deadlines.

Advance Development

Our learning platform for creative, digital marketing and develops executives in careers advancement. And our team willingness provides over 250 in demand professional courses allowing Omega Skills to work as part of a highly effective marketing team.

Resources and insights

Access valuable resources and insights to reports and assist navigation through the changing needs of the development labour force and creative digital marketing

"Amazing Quality Work!"

It doesn’t really matter if you a co-operate entity or a sole proprietor. Our quality team is committed to work with you to give a total recruitment solution that meets your company / individual needs.
Mark Odinson
CEO, Omega Group Holdings Pty Ltd.

Meet Our Leadership

We operate on the principle that our customers prefer a single point of contact for their recruitment process requirements. 

Joanne Williams


Fred Buster

Director OPS

Lisa Hoffman​

Director HR